Helen's London Marathon 2022

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Oh hi there! Like a lot of middle aged women, I have got into running! And don't I like to bang on about it! Running this and running that... blah blah blah! Yes, all the cliches, it is great for my mental health and also a great excuse to eat spaghetti carbonara on most days! But, I am also running because I want to raise money for a charity I ADORE! So, off to the London Marathon I go again! 
This year I will be running a very long way to raise money for Gingerbread. This charity provides vital support and advice to single parents, and helps them get through the toughest times. Today, there are nearly two million single parent families in the country and I am part of this community. When I suddenly became single in 2020, I was scared about this unknown life ahead of me and felt very lonely. Gingerbread, was there for me, providing essential information and guidance. Through their helpline, forum and friendship groups, they also connect fellow single parents, which is so important, especially in the beginning. This amazing charity wants a society in which single parent families are treated equally and fairly. 
I am a passionate advocate for single parents, and want to make a difference. Please support me with whatever you can. Just £25 could pay for a Gingerbread expert advisor to help a single parent and improve life for their children. Every donation will help.
Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me. And, wish me luck with all the training! I am going to need it. To donate just click here!
PS Here's me training in Edinburgh after a night of cider and kebabs! What a professional athlete!